was born in Hoquiam, Wa. We rescued their mother, "Momma Cat", from someone who was going to "get rid of her". Momma Cat came to us with 3 juvenile male cats: Whitetoe, Timothy, and Captain. We still have Whitetoe. Timothy sadly disappeared a couple weeks after he came to our farm in Western Washington from the coast. Captain found a good home with someone in Aberdeen, Wa. Momma Cat promptly had another litter of kittens in 1998 before we could get her spayed. She had four female kittens: Baby Cakes, Pumpkin Pie, Sable, and Sagebrush. We have all but Sagebrush, she and Momma Cat took up residence in our neighbor's home in Hoquiam. Babycakes is shy. Recently, she has learned (without any training) to go to the bathroom...in the toilet!