was born in 1997. As a kitten, he lived in one of the units in the apartment building we had when we lived in Hoquiam on the coast of Washington. When the tenants moved they didn't want Buddy so we took him in to live with us. Buddy loves to climb up the eight foot high sisal rope scratching post in our living room. He will sit at the bottom of it and wait until the moment is just right, then he will fly up to the top and roll around on the cat shelf. I think he keeps a secret stash of catnip up there. He loves to cuddle up with Donatello and his best buddy Sootfoot.

Buddy has strabismus. His eyes are crossed slightly inward. This is common in Siamese cats and is due to the Himalayan gene they carry. This gene causes some abnormal wiring between the eyes and the brain, but it does cause major problems for the cat. Buddy functions just as well as the rest of the cats. For more information on strabismus click here.