is very wonderful! She came to us from a friend who had to move and sadly couldn't take Bermuda with her. Young Bermuda is a sweet little cat with a soft little high-pitched meow. She is very dainty. She had known only the world we call indoors before she came to us. Although she did escape through a window once and stayed out most of the night in a small flower garden. The only cats she knew were on the other side of the window - the occasional toms that passed by, fleetingly, when on their territorial rounds. Bermuda was always happy living inside though. She loved her mistress dearly and she was loved back just as much. I'm sure they miss eachother. Bermuda still keeps in touch with her "Mom" and sends her recent pictures and updates.

Bermuda has adjusted well to her new life. She goes outside occasionally, but rather prefers to stay inside, perhaps because it's very cold and snowy out these days. She has accepted the other cats fairly well, however some of the females seem to be jealous of her beautiful glossy black coat and her perfect white bermuda triangle on her face, not to mention her dainty little white paws! Bermuda has also adjusted to her new diet of homemade catfood. She just loves it! But she still enjoys a tastey scrap of bacon or a bit of cream cheese once in a while. She staked out a spot of her own in the kitchen on top of a cabinet. She has her own bed there with her blanket and own toys which include: a cat, and a cat, and a dog, and a frog, and a one-legged mangled thing! Sometimes another cat will climb in if she steps out momentarily. It seems to be quite the hot-spot for catnapping! Bermuda also likes to curl up in one of the kitchen cabinets especially in the winter since the heater duct runs through there.

Bermuda has white "antennas" that stick straight up above each eye.









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