was homeless and needed to be adopted when he was a kitten. He came to the veterinary clinic where I used to work along with his sister and twin brother (they went to live with other families). Spooky likes to sit upright in a chair on his rump, just like a person, with his hind legs jutting out in front of himself! He is very affectionate and will stand up and put his front paws on us when he wants to be cuddled. He is best friends with Minx. He roams all over our farm traveling much further than any of the other cats except for Whitetoe who is the great traveler. Spooky has the ability to be in more than one place at one time. Sometimes he will appear as a small black dot way out in the field and when I turn around, he's in the kitchen! I have come to the conclusion that Spooky has a doppleganger!





A black cat dropped soundlessly from a high wall, like a spoonful of dark treacle, and melted under a gate.
- Elizabeth Lemarchand