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A slideshow of our little beauties! We love them so much!


The Story of Star Sun and Moon

Star, Sun, and Moon are 3 beautiful little cats who were born as a result of a 'spay'. Their mother was spayed far too late in her pregnancy, with only a few days left before she would have given birth to her three kittens naturally. Cats should not be spayed if they are pregnant or in heat because of the risks involved. When a cat is in heat or is pregnant the blood vessels that are cut during the spay procedure are enlarged and may cause internal bleeding if a spay is performed. If a cat is spayed during pregnancy the kittens usually die, and it is traumatic to the mother cat. Cats should be spayed before they become pregnant and not while they are in heat.



I was a volunteer at a veterinary clinic when the spay procedure for Star, Sun, and Moon's mother was performed, in spite of my protests. As I watched the operation unfold, I could hardly take a breath. I knew there were live kittens, far along in their term, inside. The blood vessels lining the uterine wall began to hemorrhage after the first uterine horn and its accompanying vein and artery were severed from the body. Then the second uterine horn was severed, cutting the kittens off all life support from their mother. My heart was in my throat. Finally, the uterus containing the tiny bundles of life was removed entirely from the cat. The kittens were to be thrown in the garbage, never to take their first breath of life.



I could not bear to see these kittens die in a trash can. I wanted to save them. Using a scalpel, I quickly and very carefully cut through the uterus and exposed the first kitten, I think it was Moon. The tiny wet body did not move. I thought maybe the lack of oxygen was too much for them. But no! Her little leg twitched! I immediately removed the other two kittens. I began to gently massage them and extract fluid from their noses and mouths. They were still under the influence of the anesthetic. It was a long half hour of frantic massaging and fluid removal before they started to cry their first 'mews'. It was a joy to hear, and indicated that their little lungs were working and they were strong. Within a couple of hours they drank their first milk, and did so every hour 'round the clock for the first few weeks!

Star, Sun, and Moon have grown into happy and healthy adult cats and spend their days playing and hunting for mice and prairie voles in the fields of eastern Washington!


Star, Moon, and Sun play a game of hockey.


Sun, Star, and Moon make a triangle.


Moon, Star, and Sun wondering where the mice are.


Chasing the Moon

Burning orange bright full moon
Rising crisp this month of June
Blaze a path across the sky
For tomorrow's sun will surely rise
To follow your trail along your wake
Always providing the light you make

And if someday there was no moon
Someway, somehow, some month of June
No wane nor wax, no crescent, half
The sun would surely then turn black

And if someday the sun should fall
No light to shine above us all
The bright moon's glow would then turn gray
Its ghostly face would fade away

A star in the night would shed its tears
A million bright for a million years

But every morning the sun still glows
Its radiant light to all below
Still chasing the moon July through June
Dancing the same celestial tune

And a star in the sky with a wink of an eye
Twinkles as the sun and the moon race by.