can pour herself out onto the floor like jello. She is very sweet and loves her baby-Boo toy. In 1999 little Boo was scheduled to be euthanized for medical reasons. She had a skin allergy and mouth condition called Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis (LPGS). We asked her owners at the time if we could please have Boo and give her a second chance. They agreed and we brought Boo home and treated her conditions. She has had only one skin allergy flare-up since she's been with us. Her skin condition was more than likely due to an allergic reaction to flea bites. On the coast of Washington, where we adopted Boo, it is very wet - prime conditions for fleas. In eastern Washington, where it is very dry, fleas are virtually nonexistent. Boo loves it here.

Her mouth condition was an oral disease that is caused when a cat becomes allergic to the plaque on their teeth. We weren't exactly sure that Boo had LPGS at first so we treated her with prednizone. This worked at first, but over time her symptoms just wouldn't go away. Poor Boo would always hold her tongue out, paw at her mouth, and shake her head. She was quite uncomfortable. We finally opted to have her back teeth extracted, leaving only 5 of her front teeth. Within a few weeks Boo was completely normal! No more sore mouth! And no more prednizone pills! I am so happy that Boo can live a normal, disease and allergic-free life!

Boo was overweight and lacked muscle tone when we adopted her. She is on a weight-loss program and she is gaining her strength back quickly. Boo "works out" by chasing after me as I run down the hallway and then back again. She loves to do this and looks forward to it each day. Sometimes she gets really excited and vigorously claws the bottom of the eight foot high scratch post. When she's doing this I hold a cardboard paper towel roll by her hind feet and she kicks it violently across the room! She also loves to chase the little red laser light dot around the house.

Boo is a rare cat because she is pure white with one blue eye and one yellow eye. To read more about this color pattern go to Romeo's page.

Boo's nicknames are : Baby Boo, Boo-Boo and Boodlee!










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